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I've been a designer and artist for 20+ years. I enjoy teaching graphics because it's an excellent opportunity to share my 20 years of artistic experience with students. Working with graphics includes various aspects that are necessary for other areas. It is a work with tonal balance, color and composition.
What do I teach
​​​​​​​In my courses, I teach graphic techniques that do not require compulsory artistic training. Students with minimal creative experience will draw high-quality images. Such studies will be helpful for professional artists to expand their artistic arsenal and improve their performance techniques.
In addition to graphic design classes, I teach Japanese-style handicraft classes. For me, Japanese folk art is an extension of graphics. And therein lies a great opportunity to go beyond the limits of a piece of paper.
I love it when there is a synergy atmosphere in my classes. By bringing several people together in the classroom, we see multiple options for developing the same technique since the artistic choice was made differently by different people.
My job as a teacher is to provide new ideas for students to build on and develop on their own and to ensure that every student goes home with a finished picture.
Whom are my courses for?
The techniques I teach are pattern based, making them suitable for artists of all skill levels.
Students came with different concerns. I have experience with people who have had to prepare to enter an art school, with beginners and with people who use art as meditation.
The graphic direction consists of 6 courses, the first and basic one is called «Composition in squares», on which we will work using the simplest shapes and only a black marker. As the courses progress they become more complex: colour, complex shapes and additional materials such as pencil and gold leaf are added.
The knowledge and skills learned in my courses can be used for a variety of purposes — to include textile design development, a tattoo design, creating poster and interior graphics and just relaxing.
Courses list
​​​​​​- Composition in squares.
- Colorful abstraction in squares.
- Graphic creative still life.
- Graphic colorful floral composition.
- Graphic flowers on a watercolor background with gold.
- Graphic landscapes on a watercolor background with gold.
- Temari Ball Embroidery.
- Japanese Sashiko Embroidery.
What do my students say?
After our work, Marina, the fashion designer Von Kober from Dubai says: "Mariya, thank you so much for my new lookbook! Everyone who sees it loves it! You lined up all the photos perfectly! I'm thankful for your skill and your treatment of your work. Your perfectionism adorns the world!"
The most successful project is a corporate design for W Holding company group, where I have worked on developing a logo, visual identity and web design. As a result, the W Holding CEO capitalized on her company cost for $1 million. 
"I'm so happy to work with such a specialist as you are", — says Olena Iemets, CEO at W Holding company group from Dubai, about my work.
​​​​​​​Another recognizable work is a film about transformational travel to the mountains of Altai. My task was to create a short movie for Instagram stories using travel photos and videos. As a result, my client raised the number of stories viewed from subscribers.
"Stories design that you made for me, another SMM-specialists set as canonical", — says Natalia Bakhurova, project author, blogger and psychologist.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
My full CV you can read by this link.
My job as a teacher is to provide new ideas for students to build on and develop on their own and to ensure that every student goes home with a finished picture. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Please fill the form below to contact me.

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