About the brand
There comes a moment when you understand everything about yourself. We play different roles: leader, mother, mentor, wife, business woman, daughter, beloved... 
Each of them was played magnificently, so that everyone believed. But we forgot about the main thing - who we really are. Now it’s time to go back to yourself.​​​​​​​
So begins the story of Marina Weissenbeck and this is the background to the Von Kober fashion brand. 
It could be a story about a successful self-made woman, who worke on sketches, selected fabrics and created the first samples. But this is a story of the woman, who allowed to be herself myself. In the world of a businesswoman, where everything was subordinated to an iron pragmatism, finally life and pure creation appeared.
Marina created a clothing brand, but music led to this. She discovered her talent as a singer and recorded several cover versions of famous songs of the 50s. Then she wanted to translate this inspiration and energy into something material, into work on a collection of clothes that was successfully sold in shopping malls in Dubai.
Brand-audit and moodboard
To understand what kind of design is needed for a clothing brand, you need to understand what the client came with and what experience he had before. For me, as a brand designer, it's about taking the best of what's been done, refining it and coming up with new ideas that can enhance the brand.
The founder of the brand, Von Kober, already had an online store and an Instagram account at the time of our work. And the next step was the development of presentation materials and design for the Instagram account.
To begin with, based on the already finished logo and photos of the collection, I made a moodboard. This is a good method to start discussing the future design with the client and understand their visual preferences.
After that, it is very important to listen to the client in order to understand what is really important to him. From this collaborative discussion, the very best design for the brand is born.​​​​​​​

Moodboard for the fashion brand Von Kober

There was a lot of communication with the client in this project, so in the moodboard I tried to conclude what she likes with her desire for sophisticated design, light and flowing shapes.
Lookbook and presentation
A lookbook is essential for a fashion brand to promote. For example, if a designer wants to exhibit his collection at shows and also sell it in stores, the lookbook will create the necessary information about the collection: color palette, model range, and sizing grid.
For a lookbook, it is extremely important to make a high-quality photo shoot. Design is not so necessary here, but a sufficient number of photographs from different angles. Photos should be not only artistic, but also technical, for example, showing the texture of the fabric, detailing of clothing and static views from different angles. A more detailed article about the organization of fashion photography can be found in my article.​​​​​​​

Lookbook for the fashion brand Von Kober

The idea of this lookbook is to show the premium level of the collection. This garment is light and comfortable and, at the same time, goes well with different accessories. It can be worn for both business and informal meetings. The owner herself can give tone to her image, using a variety of scarves, hats, handbags and quality jewelry.
The lookbook met the expectations of the client in many ways due to the photographs that were taken by the photographer in Dubai. My responsibilities included making a selection of photos from the photoset and laying out the layout in a minimalistic and elegant style.​​​​​​​
Design for Von Kober Instagram-account 
​​​​​​​The first step was to create concept sketches. The content includes the very first step in creating clothes - fashion drawing and searching for an idea. The buyer becomes a witness to how the creative process takes place.
Watercolor spots create the impression of handmade and lightness, and also help to make the content variable: if there is not enough visual, we can give a quick sketch and apply watercolor spots.

Instagram design concept, based on minimalistic shapes
Collage is one of the popular ways to create content on Instagram. They are unpretentious to images, and modern mobile applications allow to quickly collect content and make it living and various. W_ can use textures, art backgrounds, traced objects.
Collage based Instagram design concept
As a working version, a concept based on photographs was approved. There were several different photosets, and my task was to reduce them to one style. After that, I prepared the photos in the appropriate order and released them according to the content plan.
Approved foto based Instagram design concept
Instagram stories involve a more personal conversation with the target audience about the legend of the brand, about how ideas for new collections are born. To do this, I developed story templates, based on which we released essential information for pinned stories.
Instagram-stories for the Von Kober fashion brand
What do client says
After our work, Marina, the fashion designer and founder Von Kober from Dubai says: "Mariya, thank you so much for my new lookbook! Everyone who sees it loves it! You lined up all the photos perfectly! I'm thankful for your skill and your treatment of your work. Your perfectionism adorns the world!"
If you need a complex design along with a visual for Instagram, sign up for a free consultation with me. Fill out the form and we will determine with you what will be the best solution for your brand!
Thank you!

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