Cover design for Liella Studios portfolio

What is the best way for an entrepreneur to present his product to the target group? It depends on the area you work in and the company's size.
Today we are talking about art entrepreneurs and masters in the creative field, such as fashion designers, ceramists, textile designers, and jewelry designers. Entrepreneurs who produce unique and one-off items are interested in local trade fairs. To interest the fair organizers, an artist must send a short presentation that quickly tells something about the master, one's product and business values.
That was the start of our collaboration with Lea Langner, who makes sustainable clothing and unique ceramics. The things that Lea does are in high demand at fairs, but the most urgent problem is to send information about herself in some form so that it is beautiful, simple and understandable.
I suggested creating a portfolio presentation of 12 pages that includes a preview of the job, resume, and entrepreneurship.
One of the principles by which Lea works is natural colors. Therefore, when choosing a palette for the layout, I relied on the shades and tones of the products.
For the design of the pages, I used drawings from ceramics. They are alive and artificial and give the design a natural and uncomplicated look.
To create a focus on things, I put close-up photos of the products, where you can see the structure and quality of the fabric. A catalogue page shows the entire range where you will see the product variations.
Fill out the contact form if you need a portfolio to show your product  the best way. I will pay attention to your goods and ideas and offer you the best solution. I guarantee that the result will meet your expectations.

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