Company: Kunsthaus Unterolberndorf
Task: Developing a striking branding for a private art academy in Austria and creating a solid branding for different business direction
Project duration: 2 month
Order list:

1. Logo for Kunsthaus und online Art Academy
2. Visit card
3. Certificate
4. Advertisiment poster design
5. Portfolio
Business card concept for Kunsthaus

Business card concept for Kunsthaus

We have been cooperating with Inna Pavlechka-Tumarkin, the private art academy Kunsthaus founder, for over five years. During this time, we have done several projects in artistic collaboration. The first thing I did was improve the logo and design graphic products to advertise art courses for her art studio Kunsthaus. However, at that moment, there was no global task to develop branding.
This big and serious goal appeared after the Coronavirus pandemic when Inna started to create an online academy. At this point, there was a need for systems design for both online materials and printed products. After the war in Ukraine started, I had to move to Austria. Our collaboration with Inna took on a new goal: to develop a branding that would reflect the essence of a business that Inna builds on art and creative vision.
Logo design Kunsthaus

Different versions of the Kunsthaus logo until 2022​​​​​​​

The first thing we started with was to unify the logo because it has acquired several variations over the past five years. For branding, it is essential to have one main version, the use of which is subject to specific rules.
Three logo concepts for private art academy in Austria

Three logo refinning concepts to choose

When you update your logo, it does not mean that you must completely remake it. We had to unify and polish it, and choose one version of the logo since there were several. I made three logo refining concepts. The main direction for refinement is using active typography and figuring out how to use Inna's paintings in branding.
Logo design for private art academy in Austria

1. Approved logo for a private art academy

When the logo for Kunsthaus is ready, what to do next? The question is relevant for this case and every customer who has received a finished logo. Important note: branding is not about pictures immediately; it's about marketing. It's good when a business has a history. Then it can be used as a base.
A business always displays the identity of its owner, even if the brand is impersonal. We are talking about the Kunsthaus brand as a house where we create art. It seems to be an independent entity. But at the same time, everything that happens in Kunsthaus is the work of its owner. Therefore, in further design developments, I will rely on the history of the business and the owner's taste.
To understand which direction to take for design, I study printed materials, of which there are a lot. It is both the history and the taste of the business owner. The product examples in this post result from work in different periods, so the design varies. I made some of these leaflets when I was in the Kunsthaus before. Therefore, my main task in this project will be to develop such a principle, using which the Kunsthaus brand will become recognizable.
Inna runs her company 50% offline. These are meetings, communication, opening days and live advertising. It is always essential to have something on hand to give—printed items we sent out with pictures, just like during the last sale. Therefore, there are many business cards, postcards, leaflets and posters in the Kunsthaus. First thing to start is the minimal form—business cards. 
Visit card design

2. Various visit designs with artwork usage

To do this, I developed a universal business card layout, in which we print a picture on one side and information with a logo on the other. The same artwork we see in the letters of the logo. What does this give us? By changing the picture, we get many options for the same business card with minimal effort. The artwork on the back looks bright and attracts attention. 
Certificate design

3. Certificate design

Since there are a lot of courses and programs at the Kunsthaus, a certificate is required. I created the certificate template to set new background artwork for each new marathon. 
Poster design

4. Advertisement poster design for summer art Academy in Kunsthaus

Another form that is needed is a poster for the summer academy. It is an event in the Kunsthaus once a year from July to August. For this poster, I created the template in which the picture and color scheme change according to it.

5. Portfolio

I also developed a portfolio template for mailing to galleries. It is a small catalogue with a story about the artist and his series of works.
Customer's Feedback
Thank you very much, for a very professional job. I am delighted with the result and the process of creating my brand. You are not only a uniquely talented graphic artist, but you are also a very highly professional designer.
Many thanks for your creative approach to solving technical problems, innovative graphic solutions, and love for your profession. I will proudly tell everyone and recommend you as a talented advertising graphic artist. 
Inna Pavlecka-Tumarkin,
executive and founder of the first privat art academy
Kunsthaus Unterolberndorf 
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Thank you!

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