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In this article, we talk about work communication as one of the main methods for achieving an inspiring result when working with design for brands. ​​​​​​​Scroll down to read more!

It was a great personal discovery for me when I realized that it is not so much the knowledge of technical knowledge as the understanding between the workflow participants that guarantees a high-quality end product.
I have already mentioned this subject as a part of workflow in my essay about proper workflow structure. In this article, I cover only the topic of work communication.
What is good project communication? 
For me, it is mutual trust. It is when the business owner trusts the designer, and the designer charges the business owner. The process of exchange of ideas gives the perfect solution. It happens best in live discussions, but I usually work online, so zoom meetings are always up to date. I always schedule several appointments when I start work on a new project.
What brings results?
The best design for a brand is born when a designer not only gives their artistic vision but incorporates vastly different opinions and ideas into their work. It is especially true if the business has several owners and views.
How to create the best team?
​​​​​​​The collective mind gives a more voluminous solution, so the work on the brand will never be the result of one specialist or expert. In a good team, each specialist understands their role and value (whatever this role may be). From this understanding comes trust when, on the one hand, I am open to other ideas, and, on the other hand, I understand the value of my contribution to the overall process.
What is the main task of the communication between the desidner and the customer?
My task in communication is to show my client that I am the one who is interested in the more significant result. The main effect of working with me as a brand designer is a bundle of graphic materials that the customer or his employees can use. We define it at the beginning of the work since it depends on what form I give the source files.
Therefore, I base my communication on my ideas being a starting point. An excellent final result largely depends on the owner's involvement in the business in working on the brand's design. It is the essence of high-quality communication in any project.
Summing up, I want to say that the feeling of teamwork (even if the team is only two people) dramatically enhances the result and provides resources for new projects. Fill out the form below if you are interested in working on a design for your brand and want to get advice on this issue.
Thank you!

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