New technologies lead to the fact, that many things, which were nessecary in the past, now are not in use anymore. Like for example old telephone boothes.
This project was an initivative of Maria Schmid from Austrian municipality and took place in the three Austrian villages in the Kreuttal region: Unterolberndorf, Hautzendorf and Hornsburg.

1. Old telephone box in Unterolbendorf(Austria) before decoration

We designed a disused telephone booth in Unterolberndorf with spray paints under the direction of the private art academy Kunsthaus (Unterolderndorf, Austria). A carpenter then fitted bookshelves. Now, local citizens supplement, exchange and read some books.
Designing process
We have already completed the design of the telephone booths in Unterolberndorf, Hautzendorf, and Hornsburg, and the new art objects are already attracting many curious looks.

2. Sketches were made in Procreate

Such initiatives helps us to reduse waste instead destroying old telephone boxes and throwing old books. Ideas like this could also be a part of a brand philosophy and promotion.
Customer: municipality of Kreuttal (Austria)
Project leading: Maria Schmid (Gemeinde Kreuttal), Inna Pavlecka-Tumarkin (Kunsthaus Unterolberndorf)
Project team: Mariya Chorna, Inna Filatova
Task: to make design decorations for three old phone boxes, which will then be redesigned as cross booking points
Project duration: 13 July — 27 July 2022

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