​​​​​​​Logotype for project e-sign
​​​​​​​Logotype for consultational company «System Approach»
​​​​​​​Logotype for table business-game «Catch the Wave»
​​​​​​​Personal logotype for brand-designer
​​​​​​​Logotype for Kharkiv Gender Culture Centre
​​​​​​​Logotype re-design for Irina Stoyanovskaya's coaching project
​​​​​​​Logotype for project «ProCoaching»
​​​​​​​Logotype for Italian language learning project
​​​​​​​Logotype for stylist Mila Yurik
​​​​​​​Logotype for fundraising campaign #SaveGenderMuseum
​​​​​​​Logotype for language project «Ivrika»
​​​​​​​Logotype for knitwear clothes designer Mila Habrikos
​​​​​​​Logotype for Kiev Irish dance competion Kiev Open Feis

​​​​​​​Logotype for Irish dance school «Shannon River»
​​​​​​​Logotype for Irish dance school «Shannon River»
​​​​​​​Logotype for architectural buro «Leks Architeks»
Logotype for traditional style knitwear clothes brand «Sol»
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