The techniques I teach are pattern based, making them suitable for artists of all skill levels.
​​​​​​​Students come to my classes with different concerns. I have experience with people who have had to prepare to enter an art school, with beginners and people who use art as meditation.
The graphic direction consists of 6 workshops; the first and basic one is called «Composition in squares», on which we will work using the simplest shapes and only a black marker. As the courses progress, they become more complex: we add colour, intricate shapes and additional materials such as pencil and golden foil.​​​​​​​
The most significant benefit from my courses is for those who will involve in graphic design in the future. I teach not so much the technique itself but the main principles of working with graphics. These principles you can transform into your ideas. The most important thing I teach is to look for your imagination so that the artist's uniqueness emerges.
Such courses suit better children aged 13. At 16, we are discussing preparing for admission to an art school.
For people 30+ years old who have already chosen their artistic path in one way or another, graphics courses will help to diversify the language of art and fill the plots with exciting details. And I'm always open to those who have never made art before but want to try.
Write to me if you are interested in holding such workshops at your event or studio.
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