Art serves different purposes. When you are creative, you create a space for ideas.
In this space, you can develop an idea out of nothing. This level of creativity is much more remarkable as a process than a result. There is a lot of power and energy in this process when you start to see an infinite number of art ideas and art variations.​​
So if you ask me why we study art (graphics in my case), I'll answer, "For the creative process that creates beauty." You become partakers and creators of magnificence.
This field of ideas is particularly noticeable in joint lessons because the students shape it together under the direction of the art teacher.
And I invite you to participate in such a process in which infinite inspiration, strength, ideas and creativity exist! Now I'm preparing an online course, "Pattern Design in Graphics", in which I'll try a live format of the tutoring.
Fill free to write me queations about the new course!
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